PM inaugurates development projects in Islamabad


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ISLAMABAD: Four major development projects to be constructed in Islamabad under a joint venture, as Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the projects.

The projects including the Rawal Dam interchange, expansion of Korang Bridge, the P.W.D. were approved, as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued the letter of acceptance to the successful bidder.

The fourth project was approved after the CDA chairman briefed the Prime Minister regarding this project.

The joint venture between Maqbool Associates and Calson was awarded the contract after the duo submitted the lowest bids for the project.

A directional interchange with both, an underpass and overpass will be constructed under the Rawal Dam interchange project, in an attempt to avert the traffic congestion in the vicinity. The project to be built on the junction of Murree Road and Park Road known as Rawal Dam Chowk will ensure ease of traffic for the commuters.

The authority will self-fund the execution of the project.  

Under the other two projects, the two-lane Korang Bridge will be expanded into a five-lane bridge and the construction of an underpass at the P.W.D stop.

In addition, the authority also announced working on the development of I-15/3. Given the situation, the project received a bid, 25pc lower than the estimated cost.

Further briefing regarding the matter, it was added that due to this, the construction industry has also faced the repercussions due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The industry is trying to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, as the lower bids are being submitted for projects by the contractors, as a collective effort to revive the economy and generate employment.


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