List of Famous Dams in Pakistan


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Pakistan is a country that is blessed with scenic views and an abundance of natural resources. Pakistan is an agricultural country, depending heavily on water resources for irrigation. Interestingly, Pakistan has around 150 dams spread across all the provinces. These dams are not only a source of electricity and water supply but they also act as perfect vacationing spots for the locals. 

In this concise yet informative article, we will walk you through the famous dams in Pakistan. 

So let’s get started.

Famous Dams in Pakistan

Names of dams in Pakistan Location  Impounds  Height  Year of completion 
1. Tarbela Dam Haripur Indus River 143.26 metres (470.0 ft) 1974
2. Rawal Dam Islamabad Capital Territory Korang River 40.7 m (133.5 ft) 1962
3. Diamer Bhasha Dam Gilgit Baltistan   Indus River 272 m (892 ft)
4. Mangla Dam Mirpur District Jhelum River 138 metres (453 ft) 1967
5. Khanpur Dam Haripur Haro River 51 metres (167 ft) 1985
6. Hub Dam Malir Hub River 48 metres (157 ft) 1979


 1. Tarbela Dam

Did you know that Tarbela Dam is the largest earth-filled dam in the world?

It is located near the city of Swabi and 105 km northwest of Islamabad. This humongous dam was constructed on the River Indus. The primary purpose of the dam was to store water for irrigation and generation of electricity. 

The construction of the dam started in 1968 and ended in 1976. The dam was built 143 meters above the river belt, with a storage capacity of 11.1 MAF. The maximum elevation level of the dam is 1550 feet. 

Speaking of electricity generation, the dam has 17 water turbines solely dedicated to the production of hydroelectric power. With the power generation capacity of 4888 Megawatts, the Tarbela dam produces around 70% of hydroelectric power.

Tarbela dam in pakistan

 2. Rawal Dam

Rawal Dam, one of the most famous dams in Pakistan is located in Islamabad. The dam was built to provide water supply to the twin cities of Pakistan. The construction of the dam started in 1962. The dam has a water capacity of around 42,000 acre-feet. 

Apart from being a water storage facility, Rawal Dam is also one of the most famous tourist spots in Islamabad. People come here for recreational activities such as horseback riding, boating, fishing, and vice versa. It is also a perfect family picnic spot. For more picnic spots, visit famous hill stations in Pakistan, if you get awed by the beauty of hill stations.

rawal dam in islamabad

 3. Diamer Bhasha Dam

Most of the major part of this dam is located in the Kohistan District, KPK, and a small portion is located in the Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan. 

Currently, the dam is under construction and after its completion, it is anticipated to be the world’s highest dam. The dam is being constructed on the River Indus. With its 12 turbines, the dam will have the ability to produce 4800 Megawatts of electricity. Moreover, with an area of 110 square kilometers, it has a water storage capacity of around 8 MAF. 

The plan for establishing the Diamer Bhasha Dam was presented by Gen. Pervez Musharraf, former president of Pakistan. 

Despite the inauguration of the dam, the construction has stopped many times due to a lack of funds. This 4500 MW power generating dam project was estimated at $12 billion at the start, but according to various experts, the total cost of the dam could range from $ 18 to $ 20 billion.

Recently, the construction of the Diamer Bhasha dam has started again and it will take around 9 years to complete the construction. The maximum height of the proposed dam will be 270 meters, and it will have a storage capacity of about 74 million acre-feet. The dam project will cover 110 square kilometers.

According to experts, this dam can bring economic development to Pakistan. It will also increase the lifespan of the Tarbela Dam by 35 years. 

 4. Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam is one of the largest dams of Pakistan. Mangla Dam is not only a water reservoir but an important player of the international treaty between Pakistan and India, the Indus Waters Basement Treaty.

The dam was constructed on the River Jhelum and got its name from the nearby village called ‘Mangla’.

It was constructed in 1965 and at the time of construction, Mangla Dam was considered to be the fifth-largest dam of the world. Currently, it is the 12th largest dam in the world. With a length of 3140 meters and a height of 147 meters, the Mangla reservoir can store 7.39 million acre-feet (M.A.F) water.

The primary purpose of Mangla Dam is irrigation and power generation for the nearby areas. With its 10 turbines, the dam can produce 1310 Megawatts of electricity. 

mangla dam in pakistan

 5. Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam, a multipurpose water storage facility is located in Tehsil Khanpur, District Haripur of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is built on the Haro River. The primary purpose of the dam was to supply drinking water to the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. In addition to that, Khanpur dam also provides irrigation water to Islamabad, Haripur, Attock, and Rawalpindi.

The construction of the dam started in 1967 and it took 15 years for the completion of the dam. It is estimated that Rs. 1,385.10 million were spent on the construction of Khanpur Dam. According to the WAPDA, Khanpur Dam is 167 feet and it has a water storage capacity of 79,980 acre-feet.

Khanpur is one of the most favorite picnic spots of the locals. People love visiting the dam, especially during the summer season. The place is well known for its tourist attractions such as cliff jumping, jet ski, kayaking, and camping. Also, there is a water resort here as well where people can stay. 

khanpur dam in Pakistan

 6. Hub Dam

This small dam is located in the Karachi district of Sindh and Lasbela district of Balochistan. The dam is constructed on the Hub River. The construction of the dam started in 1963 and ended in 1981. 

Hub dam covers an area of 24300 acres on the border of the Sindh Balochistan provinces. The water storage of the dam is 857,000 acre-feet.

Interestingly, Hub Dam is also a tourist resort. Tourists and the general public visit the dam on weekend holidays. The place is famous for its beautiful picnic spots, swimming spots, and fishing. A rest house of WAPDA is also located there for tourists to stay.

So, these were some of the most famous and major dams in Pakistan. There is a huge importance of dams in Pakistan because we are an agricultural country and we need a water supply for our economy and survival.  We hope this was a fun and fact full article for you. If you have any queries regarding the dams, leave us a message. We would love to answer your queries.

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